Here in our company, Gourmet Catering Chicago, we spend hours and hours of planning every detail of the event you wish for us to cater from the matching sizes and shapes of the plates, designs, table setting, color motif, up to the food to be served and the meal course. One of our most important goals here is to create an atmosphere of quiet efficiency and gracious service, next to the goal of customer service satisfaction.

Gourmet Catering Chicago is a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals to make any of your events a pleasure and an event worth remembering. We serve food in the most creative food preparation possible that will enhance not only the physical design of the entire event but most importantly, enhance the delicious flavors of the food we serve.

We offer a lot of services, from catering birthday parties, casual events, lunchbox meetings, weddings, to grand social gatherings. We combine and do everything in our power and gracious service to create the most memorable event possible for you. Make the most out of your planned event and CONTACT US now for queries or reservations.